2018 popular bags in autumn and winter

Season change, such as blood, in addition to re-purchase of new clothes, all kinds of fashionable accessories is indispensable, a good shape, bag embellishment is particularly important. So this autumn and winter, what kind of bag should be changed to look good and fashionable? Fashion-minded fairies should start early, this year’s most popular bag is […]

Furla 2018 Diana Series

Furla 2015 Autumn and Winter Series focuses on the use of a variety of metal accessories, color and geometry combination, showing the brand’s continuous exploration of the production process and strict requirements. The brand-new Diana Series, which makes a big fuss on metal fasteners, uses more than three colors of metal accessories for each bag […]

Have you bought some bags for autumn and winter?

What size bag do you like? From a popular point of view, the mini-size bags, especially the various sloping bags, have dominated the bag world for a long time. Although the mini-bags or some sloping small bags are very practical, it is inevitable that many girls who love large-size bags will find it difficult to […]

You can not only carry bag on Show

Alessandro’s talent is evident. Over the past two years, he has led Gucci to a radical style change, and in September last year launched a family product line called Gucci D cor, which incorporates iconic animal totems and embroidery into home decorations. With the expansion of the product line, the frequent explosion of money and […]

Why is the saddle bag able to attract so many people?

What magic this saddle bag can attract so many people, in Dior’s 2008 fall and winter ready-to-wear fashion show, 20 years after the saddle bag returned to surprise everyone. The saddle bag of Dior (Dior) is a handbag designed by John Galliano in the spring and summer of 2000 for Christian Dior. Just released, it […]

Big Brands release their own limited edition bags

Maybe you’ve just spent a month on your salary and bought a super-popular item. Next month it’s going to be an “out of fashion” and smart people are choosing classic styles that don’t seek preservation or appreciation, at least not for a decade or eight years. Behind the times, they will even be praised for […]

2018 new trend of autumn and Winter styles

Mini bag has a sense of origin, coupled with romantic printing, it can always easily puncture your girl’s heart. A lipstick is best for a banquet bag. In addition to the classic handbag, a thin bag with a thin belt is also very popular. There’s no classic elegance in a rectangular handbag, but there’s something […]