DooDoo’s autumn winter new product release

The arrival of the school season, let the recent backpack craze hit again, once you disliked the campus backpack on the fashion stadium, many stars have also carried backpacks, back to the school age. And this doodoodoo bag will be traditional embroidery and modern patterns clever collision, exquisite embroidery technology rendering a different flavor, let you out of the street is very eye-catching.

Of course, you can choose to be a shiny girl, wearing a fantastic color, like grabbing a piece at random and going out, but the details are brilliant; like this doodoodoo bucket, two pieces of splicing, plus white sewing, super visual impact, you can make the whole person look like More fashion.

If you want to be effortless and tired of the same simplicity, try the hot tassel element. In this bag, the DooDoo DooDoo designer creatively adds poker tassels, with a slight retro touch, great fit, stylish you, will let this show go. Is it a chance?

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