Why is the saddle bag able to attract so many people?

What magic this saddle bag can attract so many people, in Dior’s 2008 fall and winter ready-to-wear fashion show, 20 years after the saddle bag returned to surprise everyone. The saddle bag of Dior (Dior) is a handbag designed by John Galliano in the spring and summer of 2000 for Christian Dior. Just released, it immediately became one of the “single handed” products of fashion red men at that time.

It has also been innovating, and has launched many saddle bags with different styles and colors. The subsequent shutdown saddened many Dior fans for a long time, so when the saddle bag appeared again, everyone was excited. Seals feel that this saddle bag is not only popular because of its unique shape, but also because of its high backability and many creative possibilities. The right size is also convenient for carrying back.

And this year’s return to the show, the shape is still not much change, but increased some styles, adding more sophisticated design and color, style changes, retro and modern integration. I wonder if this saddle bag is one of your essential bags?

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