Buy these light luxury brands in spring

When it comes to winter’s gradual departure, are you, like me, eager to get rid of your heavy down coat and get a vibrant look for the best spring?

Michael KORS is my favorite brand of light luxury handbags. Just say my recently defeated Bristol handbag is finished. The color is very beautiful navy blue. You can’t forget it at a glance. This bag is made of pebble-like leather, which not only looks delicate and has a texture of fried chicken, but also is very durable and cost-effective. Like me, I like to put all my bank cards and change in my bag. I love this Bristol handbag with no compartments, rather than the mezzanine ones with sandwich bags. Its space is very large. My keys, cards, and apple 8+ can all be put in. Most importantly! Even if I was stuffed like this every day, Bristol’s handbag didn’t break at all! The corners were, and there was no wear and tear.

Such a bag with a navy blue + White Sleeveless striped dress, simply not too suitable for minimalism ~dress is made of MK logo fiber carefully, super light fabric, super comfortable upper body, and such a package design, so that the body defects can disappear. Plus the simple style of design, if it is urban women wearing, will certainly be elegant and sexy perfect interpretation.

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