Have you bought some bags for autumn and winter?

What size bag do you like? From a popular point of view, the mini-size bags, especially the various sloping bags, have dominated the bag world for a long time. Although the mini-bags or some sloping small bags are very practical, it is inevitable that many girls who love large-size bags will find it difficult to buy any bags to carry recently.

The little bag craze won’t be over so soon, but the good news for these girls is that in the autumn and winter of 2016, the big bag has a very obvious return to the posture. The era when big bags dominate the package industry may be coming again. Are you ready to carry the big bags that were abandoned in those years?

When it comes to the return of big bags, there are several bags that have to be said. Speaking from the forefront of the brand 2016 autumn and winter show, this year’s show has already occupied the big brands. Besides, these bags are not big enough. They are very special. Look at Balenciaga’s “big woven bag” Bazaar similar to the famous Chinese made bag.

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