Follow the trend of fashion bags

It can be said that after the end of autumn and winter show, 17 years of red bag list has been completely baked. Some from 16 years of primer to now there are more and more difficult to get a package of fire. And some bags are threatening, and the most in IT bag’s throne is still unknown. Let’s take a look at these beautiful bags and follow the most fashionable route.

A total of 11 red bags were selected this time. Each one belongs to 17 years of bloggers, celebrities, street photographs, modeling often appear in the “explosive”. This so-called explosion not only does not reduce the style, but makes the counters store hard to find. Basically, each item is marked with a specific name and price.

The first thing to say is that it must be Chanel’s Gabrielle, a handbag that even has its own topic on Weibo. Every little flower in China, after the movie, the supermodels have one hand, and the bloggers and stars abroad are all out of the street. The purchase of stores and counters is the most reliable.

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