2018 popular bags in autumn and winter

Season change, such as blood, in addition to re-purchase of new clothes, all kinds of fashionable accessories is indispensable, a good shape, bag embellishment is particularly important. So this autumn and winter, what kind of bag should be changed to look good and fashionable? Fashion-minded fairies should start early, this year’s most popular bag is hanging in front of the chest appears to be very rich breast bags, easy for your concave foot feel.

“Women dress up as men” style prevails, this autumn how can less than dress up as a handsome suit? A suit with a breast bag, not only retain the suit’s skills, but also a little more “hang around” fashion sense, handsome pimp.

The young personality is still the highest quality product, and it is comfortable and simple. Wear a personal breast bag, not only concave shape, but also eye-catching, breast pocket decoration makes the whole body shape is no longer simple.

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