Furla 2018 Diana Series

Furla 2015 Autumn and Winter Series focuses on the use of a variety of metal accessories, color and geometry combination, showing the brand’s continuous exploration of the production process and strict requirements. The brand-new Diana Series, which makes a big fuss on metal fasteners, uses more than three colors of metal accessories for each bag to brighten the overall style.

The shiny silver Diana package is the first choice for the autumn and winter of this season. With the ornament of the treasure blue metal decoration, the handsome air has a bright color feeling, making people involuntarily enchanted by it. Silver gray shoulder strap chain with unique light green metal chain decorative zipper design highlights the modern women’s fashion sense. Malachite green leather with black metal nail and gold chain, elegant and straightforward.

Diana series of unique styles and unique design, not only in the colors with lively, but also in practical efforts. Under the neat appearance, there is a large capacity design hidden in the inner side of the package. Extensible leather sheets are added on both sides of the bag to meet the double requirements of simplicity and reasonable acceptance. It is the first choice for confident modern women.

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